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Reflection for Week 2

Our first group teach lesson took place this week and it was fantastic! Amy, Bobby, Mike and Nicole did a great job.  They took command, shared the space, and combined a number of useful lessons. Bobby was my group leader and he did a good job of breaking down the history of PE in an accessible way. I thought they transformed dodge ball quite cleverly and overall kept the energy high and the lesson focused. Well done!

One thing I noticed is that even as adults we had tons of questions. Had they not been prepared, that could have been a hard part for them. However, they were able to make sure all of us were on the same page (especially for the last game). Looking forward to whoever is teaching tomorrow!

Week 2 Journal

I am finding myself to be more and more excited about PE class, and delving into the topic of physical literacy. Many of us are leading very busy lives with the demands of the program, family obligations, work, etc. that leading a balanced lifestyle may not always come up as a priority. I found that even in the 15 minutes of free play at the beginning of class the past two weeks really sets a positive tone for the day, and increases my awareness. This makes me realize just how important physical activity is to the youth, and the importance of education surrounding a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle should not just be about making sure you get your daily 30 minutes of physical activity (although it is important!), but it should take on a more holistic approach, and really pay special attention to emotional and mental well-being, in addition to physical activity. 

I particularly really like the idea of linking ideas across the curriculum. For instance, by having students experiment with gardening allows for time outside, as well as teaching students about larger ideas and other subjects such as food processes, ecology, and the sciences. 

Lastly, physical education should be something that students look forward to, and that includes everyone in the class in a supportive environment. I thought that the Target Group did a really great job of demonstrating how to modify the Hall of Shame game dodge ball, into a game that really focuses on skills like, aim, and the underhand throw.

Week 2 Movement Journal- Katy Machut

As I started to think about becoming an educator, from my readings I realized how much of an effect experiential knowledge can influence the way I will teach. I didn’t think about the fact that my values and identities can affect the way I teach. For this reason I feel it is important for me to analyze and reflect on my value system and check myself to ensure that I provide the best possible experience for my class.

I came across the notion of being able to be ready to explain to learners why it is we do PE. This made me question how I could phrase an answer in a way a child would understand. My answer would need to be motivational and touch on fact that one needs to learn certain skills by the end of a particular grade.

I felt reassured when I reflected that being a teacher candidate I will not know everything about teaching because being part of a teacher involves the being a lifelong learner (my passion). At the same time, I must ask myself what content do I find meaningful and inspiring for my students?  I am very excited about being able to explore the possibilities of incorporating PE with other subjects and find the best possible match ups between the contents.

Week 2, Movement Journal

I must point out how much fun I had on Thursday doing the Flash Mob with all the Elementary TC’s. I was motivated by the instructor; she was so enthusiastic and encouraging, getting us to dance along with her, and to BE fun. I know at the begging I was very worried about other people looking at me and thinking I was dancing strange. But as it went on, I knew all of us were doing the same thing. We were all just letting loose, laughing and enjoying ourselves.

This inspired me to want to teach in a similar way as her, very motivating and encouraging. Being able to teach in a fun environment like we experience on Thursday was very beneficial. This type of environment allows people to learn easily, especially if they see the environment as being a safe and warm place. I was a little nervous thinking of myself trying to teach such a dance class when I am not a great dancer myself. But I remember seeing YouTube videos where they show the dance moves to popular songs. They show the movements, you just have to follow along on the screen with the music. These videos are only 3-4 minutes long, so they could be used as a brain break in the classroom, or you could bring this idea into the gym and have a full PE class of dancing along to these videos.

Get up and DANCE! YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOeebil3eKY

Movement Journal Week 2 – Michelle Parker

Something I reflected on a lot this week was the hall of shame games article. The three games I was struck most by were dodge ball, tag, and red rover. I have lots of memories playing all of these games growing up and I remember them quite fondly.

When it came to dodge ball, I was never that good at throwing the ball but I was good at jumping and dodging. Growing up we played many variations of the game and our teachers always tried to make the teams fair. Little did I realize until reading this article all the negativity behind the game.

Tag is a game that I believe does not need to be a hall of shame game; if played in a positive way. There are variations of the game where everyone can be involved; for example: “everyone’s it tag.” I think if tag is played correctly it can be played in a positive environment that is inclusive and fun for all students.

Finally the last game that stood out was red rover. I absolutely loved this game growing up! The competitive aspects of the game and trying to break through my friends were so much fun! Looking back at the game I understand how it taunts the less athletic students but it also is so dangerous.

I learned so much from the hall of shame articles. My perspectives on teaching P.E. were changed and I hope to provide my students with a positive learning environment.

Gemma’s Movement Journal – September 16th

First off, I should say I kind of got carried away in replying to Maymie’s post and covered my response and reflection in one, but i’ll see if I can expand on it here. I have to echo what Ashley said, in that one of the things that stood out for me on Wednesday’s lesson was seeing our classmates present for the first time. While P.E. has always been my subject of choice, I think we all have anxieties surrounding planning and delivering lessons, particularly in the first few months of our program. So it was really great to see everyone do such a great job in the first week, and I think it inspired the rest of us into believing we can do it too!

On top of this, based on the comments posted so far on this blog, it has surprised me how many people have had such negative experiences of P.E.. I would never have been able to tell this, as in our class on Wednesday everyone seemed to be having a ball running around playing tag, and with the beanbag toss. It just shows you that it’s possible to make physical education fun, even if it’s not your preferred subject.

This made me start thinking about my teaching philosophy. I have played a variety of sports growing up, even at an international level, and I previously mentioned the impact it has had on my social and emotional learning, in helping to keep me on the ‘right’ path. And while team sports might not be for everyone, with such an emphasis on more diverse activities these days, I truly believe that every child can enjoy and value having some version of physically activity in their lives. There are larger implications socially and emotionally, and it is our job to make sure they – unlike some of us – have fond memories of P.E., and maybe even help them find their ‘sport’. Even if that ‘sport’ happens to be dancing crazily in the rain in open, public spaces…


Movement Journal Week 2

I enjoy our P.E class and I look forward to class every week. However, as others pointed out, it wasn’t always like this. I was a very shy kid back in elementary and I wasn’t athletic. P.E was a class I dreaded attending in elementary school because my P.E teacher didn’t like me and I wasn’t good at sports. I really liked today’s class and last week’s class because of the safe environment where everyone can participate regardless of level and skill.

Today when we started with dodgeball I was surprised at first because I knew that it was a part of the P.E Hall of Shame. Later on, they explained to us that it was an example of why these games should not be played and I thought it was clever that they made a modification to dodgeball.

Even though it’s only been 2 classes, I realized that there have been a lot of positive changes in P.E classes and the P.E curriculum. First of all, there is less of a focus on students who excel and more of a focus on inclusiveness. Physical Education should be fun for all students and it shouldn’t just be a time for the athletic students to show off their skills. I really appreciate the new mindset on teaching P.E which looks more at the student’s effort than their talent. I think key concepts in teaching P.E include patience, encouragement and inclusiveness. I’m really glad our class was able to have fun and encourage each other.