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Sienna’s movement Journal -Nov 18th

I had an opportunity to teach the balance lesson that Maria, Sydney and I created for our P.E. team-teaching assignment. I modified my lesson plan to suit the need of my Grade 2 students.

First, rotating stations for different activities is eliminated. Since it was the first time for the Grade 2 class to participate in balancing activities, I had to provide detailed explanations to the students. Students were asked to participate in the activities as a class in order to spend more time on each activity and receive feedback from each other.

Secondly, from the original lesson plan, I only chose two activities for the balancing lesson. At my practicum school, one block is only for 30 minutes. Also, the gym is far away, making it time-consuming for students to get ready for gym class, go to the gym and come back to the class after the lesson. To ensure that injuries do not occur in the gym, it also requires a long time to prepare the class. Therefore, I chose to do two out of the five activities in the original lesson plan.

After the lesson, I have learned that a lesson plan is simply a guideline, and I have to be prepared to make changes if required. This is especially true of teaching a P.E. class, which requires more classroom management since students are in a larger setting. Thus, it is difficult to address all content of a lesson plan. I am glad that I tried the same lesson in the two different classes because I was able to understand the modifications of the lesson I had to make. One thing I should always remind myself as a teacher is that I have to be flexible and open-minded in modifying my lesson plan.

Reflection – Michelle Parker

This week was my group’s turn to teach. We taught track and field, specifically sprinting. I think our lesson went well, my instant activity was short, fun and engaging. The class enjoyed the warm up as well. We did dynamic stretching to music and it turned into a dance party. I think these ideas really transfer to the classroom as students really enjoy doing things this way. I also felt that my discussion group for the reading summary went really well. We had a great discussion and I almost did not get through everything I needed to for the summary. I felt that the reading was really engaging for us to discuss and we were all in the same mindset for it.

Our planning was difficult. We ended up changing our lesson plan quite significantly as we had planned way to much. However it came together in the end which was great. We ended up changing our track relay the morning of. We realized that the track was bigger then we were thinking in our heads and needed to modify the game so there was not as much running involved. We wanted to make the game enjoyable for people who are not runners and we felt this modification was important for that.

I felt the group was really engaged and I was not expecting this! I felt people were not excited when they heard what we were doing but the attitude really changed as we got into the activities. I think we managed to make running fun!

Gemma’s Group Teach Reflection (September 30)

I had absolutely no idea how Wednesday’s group teach would turn out. I was quite happy at first when our group was given striking/fielding games, but after thinking about it for a while, it was actually quite difficult to put together a lesson that ensured maximum participation. There is a lot of standing around in baseball, kickball etc, so I was worried that our lesson was going to be boring. So “maximum participation” was something that we tried to keep in mind throughout the whole process. But actually, it turned out okay – having a very positive and cooperative class surely helped! And I think it was the first time  that we’ve actually worked up a sweat (good thing we decided to take out the laps around the field at the last minute!).

I had never heard of “Chuck the Chicken” before it was suggested for our lesson. Frankly, I initially didn’t see the purpose of throwing and running after an ugly rubber chicken, and how that could be relevant to fielding. But it actually turned out amazingly well! It reminds me that you have to keep an open mind and be creative when engaging kids, as the main priority is to have fun and get them moving! Although, I’d still be really interested to learn who first came up with that game (and how!)…

I have to say though, I found the lesson planning part of the process quite difficult to wrap my head around… and i’m wondering if this is a similar concern for a lot of people (given the expressions in Lisa’s class today). We’ve not really had much direction on lesson planning but it is an assignment required for most classes. What templates do we use? What resources/information do we have to include? How do we base it off the curriculum? So it took a while to get going. But maybe we do just make things up as we go along and it will get easier over time. Becoming more efficient at drafting these is definitely going to be a goal of mine for this coming year.

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