Gemma’s Group Teach Reflection (September 30)

I had absolutely no idea how Wednesday’s group teach would turn out. I was quite happy at first when our group was given striking/fielding games, but after thinking about it for a while, it was actually quite difficult to put together a lesson that ensured maximum participation. There is a lot of standing around in baseball, kickball etc, so I was worried that our lesson was going to be boring. So “maximum participation” was something that we tried to keep in mind throughout the whole process. But actually, it turned out okay – having a very positive and cooperative class surely helped! And I think it was the first time  that we’ve actually worked up a sweat (good thing we decided to take out the laps around the field at the last minute!).

I had never heard of “Chuck the Chicken” before it was suggested for our lesson. Frankly, I initially didn’t see the purpose of throwing and running after an ugly rubber chicken, and how that could be relevant to fielding. But it actually turned out amazingly well! It reminds me that you have to keep an open mind and be creative when engaging kids, as the main priority is to have fun and get them moving! Although, I’d still be really interested to learn who first came up with that game (and how!)…

I have to say though, I found the lesson planning part of the process quite difficult to wrap my head around… and i’m wondering if this is a similar concern for a lot of people (given the expressions in Lisa’s class today). We’ve not really had much direction on lesson planning but it is an assignment required for most classes. What templates do we use? What resources/information do we have to include? How do we base it off the curriculum? So it took a while to get going. But maybe we do just make things up as we go along and it will get easier over time. Becoming more efficient at drafting these is definitely going to be a goal of mine for this coming year.

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2 thoughts on “Gemma’s Group Teach Reflection (September 30)”

  1. Hi Gemma 🙂

    First of all, I want to say that your team teach went great! I was actually wondering your group came up with “Chuck the Chicken” because I had also never played it before. I would not hesitate to incorporate that game in a future lesson because it not only was it easy to set up (in terms of equipment), but it was also collaborative and above all, fun! Overall, it was a great game that was well executed as I think everyone was laughing and working up a sweat at the same time.

    Your reflection actually resonated with me as well, since I too have been pondering the exact same questions about lesson planning that you mentioned at the end of your post. When planning our team teach as well (for PE), I was feeling the same way – a bit lost and in need of direction. Like you said, I am thinking it is just something you learn by doing, or even by observing our SAs in the schools and asking to read their Unit/Lesson outlines. I spoke with a former TC yesterday and I asked her those questions and she told me that she too was never specifically taught to lesson plan, but she learned by practicing – during her 2 week and especially during her 10 week practicum – and she said it is really just having to do so many of them that eventually made her comfortable. So, I guess we will have to wait and see – hopefully soon it will be less confusing for us as well. 🙂

    Thanks for a great team teach last week.


  2. I would like to start off my saying, I really liked your groups presentation, along with Emily and Tobi!! Way to go (people?)!!! I loved how it was outdoors, and it was fun! I also thought that chuck the chicken was a lot of fun, I played it with my summer camp and it always was a success with the kids.

    I really liked your end bit about wanting to know how to write a PE lesson plan. As my group is coming up next week, I have started to wonder how you write a lesson plan for an active activity. I also agree with your comments Shirin about the lesson planning process. That’s awesome that you are able to talk to a former TC!

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