Week 4: Understanding Movement Journal – Jenny Cho

Kudos to Emily, Pamela and Sonia!

We learn so much from each other so thank you. I would like to say it was well planned and executed but, as we would all experience it, there are unexpected events that might happen. We will just have to keep our heads up and learn from them. I really liked how Steve asked our cohort on our opinion and how we can improve on it. It gives the students a chance to work together and collaborate with one and another.

I really liked the summary discussion in regards to how should we assess our students. I agree with majority of our class that we should not assign letter grades as it does not promote positive physical activity outside of class. We need to assess students through development. For example, if a student is level 1 at throwing and at the end of the year increases to a level 3, then the student should receive a positive feedback. I see it similar to reading level. A grade 5 student might not be at a grade 5 level of reading, but maybe they have improved from grade 2 to grade 4. I think that’s a great improvement and should be recognized as “pass”. As long as the student shows improvement and effort, we should respond with positive feedback.

I can’t wait for next class, hope the class will enjoy my team’s lesson!

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  1. Wonderful work Pamela, Sonia and Emily!
    Jenny, I also really liked how Steve got us to break up into small groups and talk about the group teach game. I think feedback is one of the most important things we, as future teachers, can receive. I also think that it can be one of the scariest things to receive and I am really glad we all were able to experience it together. It was interesting to see how everyone’s opinions differentiated about certain aspects of the game.

    I really enjoyed this activity as I think it will really help us not only this group teach, but also in our future classes where we will have the opportunity to play endless games with the kids. I also think that Steve sending us out into the gym again to replay the game was an important lesson for us as a group. It taught us that yes, sometimes the game might not be exactly how you had envisioned it but there will always be time to reflect and adjust certain aspects of it and try again another time. I think we all learned from this experience.

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