Anna September 30

This week in class, we had the pleasure to venture outside and enjoy a fun-filled lesson out in the sun. The team that did the group teach this week specifically chose games that encouraged everyone in the class to participate and get a chance to feel part of the team. It was inclusive, active, and collaborative.

Reflecting after this week made me realize my own feelings and attitudes towards sports and athletic games. Growing up, I was always very active and involved in tennis. Doing this as a young child allowed me to grow the confidence and skills that I needed in order to succeed in other sports and athletic events in my school. I could catch, throw, run, have quick reaction times, and succeed in any physical activities that my elementary/high school assigned. I felt good! I wasn’t self-conscious, and I wasn’t worried about gym class. But my question is – what would happen if I didn’t participate in any active sports that allowed me to develop hand-eye coordination, advanced motor skills, and a sense of confidence? Would I react differently to my everyday gym class in school?

After some research to support my initial thoughts, I found out that having children participate in sports OUTSIDE of the gym classroom has a big impact on their self-esteem and self-confidence. It teaches the child the necessary skills to not only succeed in gym, but also perform everyday functional tasks which many take for granted. Parents who dis encourage their children to participate in sports defer their child’s development in an important way. Children learn appropriate life skills about winning and loosing, sportsmanship, conduct, and they statistically are seen to have a higher intelligence and mood.

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