Group Teach Reflection- Emily (September 30th)

I was so nervous to teach our lesson on Wednesday! Planning for striking games ended up being more difficult than we thought. Obviously classic games such as baseball and softball are out due to the lack of full group involvement. I was fine with that, never having been a fan of either myself. I found the planning to be more difficult than the actual teaching in the end. Since this was the first real ‘lesson’ I had to do in my BEd I was anxious, but once we started our 30 minutes I ended up really enjoying myself. I do recognize, however, that teaching my peers is not the same as what teaching a group of grade 4s will be. I found this difficult to remember at times. I found myself under the assumption that once we started playing everyone would pick the games up, which they did, but this will not be the case with younger students. Games need to be explained in a variety of different ways and many times in order to make sure every student knows what’s going on.

I think what worked the best for our lesson was having the opportunity to be outside. It was such a beautiful day and we were lucky enough to be able to use the all weather field for our activities. Being able to be outside in the sun and getting fresh air was great and I’m thankful we had the sunny weather to be able to do that!

Next time I know I personally will work on not calling the group “Guys”.. As a team we decided next time we would let our students figure out for themselves what the purpose was behind each game instead of telling them as teachers. For example, during Chuck the Chicken we encouraged everyone by saying things like “Throw the chicken into open spaces so it’s harder for the other team to get it back”. Instead, we should have asked them before we started: “Where do you think you should chuck the chicken and why?” I hope everyone had fun, I definitely learned a lot and am so looking forward to everyone else’s group teach 🙂

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