Reflection for Week 2

Our first group teach lesson took place this week and it was fantastic! Amy, Bobby, Mike and Nicole did a great job.  They took command, shared the space, and combined a number of useful lessons. Bobby was my group leader and he did a good job of breaking down the history of PE in an accessible way. I thought they transformed dodge ball quite cleverly and overall kept the energy high and the lesson focused. Well done!

One thing I noticed is that even as adults we had tons of questions. Had they not been prepared, that could have been a hard part for them. However, they were able to make sure all of us were on the same page (especially for the last game). Looking forward to whoever is teaching tomorrow!

One thought on “Reflection for Week 2”

  1. Both Week 2 and Week 3 groups did such a great job presenting their activities. That level of enthusiasm yesterday really sets the bar for everyone else!

    As Devon stated, I can see some of the games we teach in PE needing a lot of explaining. I can imagine that without some good instructional skills that you could easily go overtime during an activity due to the amount of questions some students might have. In regards to my own teaching, I noticed that when I tried telling some of my friends how much fun I had in Week One playing Chuck the Chicken, that I found it difficult to explain some of the rules, and I realized how crucial modelling is going to be in our classrooms. Learning how to model and explain games effectively is going to be key when it comes to classroom management and making sure that you’re kids are truly enjoying and benefiting from the game or activity you’ve set out for them to play.

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