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Reflection on Outdoor Education

The outdoor education lesson has been my favourite thus far! Although I found myself thoroughly exhausted after the instant activity, Lexi, Jackie, Brianna and Katy were able to craft a relaxing, yet still active, workshop for us all to take part in. The weather could not have painted a better picture of how much value an outdoor lesson can have. On my practicum, I have been lucky enough to be in several PE classes that have gone outdoors. In one of those classes two teachers and I led the grade sevens through a bootcamp activity reminiscent of the instant activity. The kids loved it and we did too. This approach will definitely be something that I will be looking to do over my practicum.

Reflection for Week 2

Our first group teach lesson took place this week and it was fantastic! Amy, Bobby, Mike and Nicole did a great job.  They took command, shared the space, and combined a number of useful lessons. Bobby was my group leader and he did a good job of breaking down the history of PE in an accessible way. I thought they transformed dodge ball quite cleverly and overall kept the energy high and the lesson focused. Well done!

One thing I noticed is that even as adults we had tons of questions. Had they not been prepared, that could have been a hard part for them. However, they were able to make sure all of us were on the same page (especially for the last game). Looking forward to whoever is teaching tomorrow!