Week 2 reflection

Two things that stood out for me from this class were the warm-up and cool-down before and after the target game activity, and the idea of invented games.
I loved the warm-up because of several reasons. For one, the way it was designed connected the exercise with people’s everyday life, experiences, and emotions, allowing participants to give more meanings to the movements we were doing. Because of this it felt very personal (we were thinking about our own rooms, clothes, breakfasts, and journeys to school), rather than simply copying what our warm-up leader was doing. For the other, because we were all part of a circle, it created a wonderful sense of common purpose and collaboration. The aspect that I appreciated the most was that it was imaginative – not just because it was a fun, original idea, but also in the sense that it activated participants’ imagination. This was inspiring for me, because it highlighted how important imagination and creativity are in all teaching, including PE, and even in brief and simple activities like a warm-up. Related to that, I was excited to hear that we could do a unit on invented games. I have often played and helped create invented games with children, but they were always board games, and I have never experienced invented games in a PE context. I am looking forward to exploring that option with this class!

One thought on “Week 2 reflection”

  1. Cristina, I also found the warm-up/ cool-down to be very imaginative and, in saying that, also quite fun! I think we often forget about our creativity when we immerse ourselves into subjects and so it was refreshing, at least for me, to have a hands on experience with creativity in the setting of a P.E. lesson. From this groups activity I gained perspective, from the students point of view, of how much more captivating a lesson can be when we as teachers make it personable. What I really took away from this groups presentation then, was the necessity of using our imaginations in our lesson planning, so we may create lessons that engage students in a meaningful way, regardless of how big or small the activity may be.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I look forward to exploring the aspect of inventing games with you and the rest of our classmates.

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