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Reflection – assessment and apple game

One of the things I enjoyed about PE today was the way we went outside. We walked in a long line, holding each other’s shoulders. It was a great idea, because it transformed the simple action of traveling out of the gym into an activity in its own right, with a fun sense of movement and rhythm. It is definitely a great strategy we can use in our schools!

Another aspect I found interesting was that we were told before the game the way we would be assessed. I found it useful to know this ahead of time, as it clarified the expectations for the activity and provided me with a tool to assess my learning during the game. I found the assessment in groups also an interesting experience. It gave us an opportunity to reflect on how we played the apple game, and I felt that it fostered encouragement and appreciation between group members. It was, however, quite hard to decide on a category to assign to ourselves and others, because the “good” category did not include a positive attitude, which we felt we demonstrated. I wondered if an assessment with more criteria and more possible answers would be easier or harder to use for a group of children. I also wondered what are some other ways that kids can assess each other in a group setting.

Lastly, I thought the apple game was a good activity because it gave each player a lot of practice catching and hitting the “apple”; there was very little time waiting and being inactive. The only suggestion I have is to remind students to take turns being the catchers and the trees. Thank you for a great PE session!

Week 2 reflection

Two things that stood out for me from this class were the warm-up and cool-down before and after the target game activity, and the idea of invented games.
I loved the warm-up because of several reasons. For one, the way it was designed connected the exercise with people’s everyday life, experiences, and emotions, allowing participants to give more meanings to the movements we were doing. Because of this it felt very personal (we were thinking about our own rooms, clothes, breakfasts, and journeys to school), rather than simply copying what our warm-up leader was doing. For the other, because we were all part of a circle, it created a wonderful sense of common purpose and collaboration. The aspect that I appreciated the most was that it was imaginative – not just because it was a fun, original idea, but also in the sense that it activated participants’ imagination. This was inspiring for me, because it highlighted how important imagination and creativity are in all teaching, including PE, and even in brief and simple activities like a warm-up. Related to that, I was excited to hear that we could do a unit on invented games. I have often played and helped create invented games with children, but they were always board games, and I have never experienced invented games in a PE context. I am looking forward to exploring that option with this class!