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Sydney & Ally’s Cross-Curricular Resource

For our final project, the cross-curricular lesson, Sydney and I developed a mini-unit that integrates science, math, and PE/DPA for primary-aged students.

Through an inquiry into the body’s reactions to exercise, students will learn about how activity level leads to changes in heart rate. Students will measure their heart rate and use this data in real-life math problems. Further, students will be able to experience the workings of the cardiovascular system through a relay activity where they play the part of red blood cells carrying oxygen.

We hope you’ll find this resource useful and that you’ll have fun implementing it with your students!

PE, Math & Science Cross-Curricular Lesson

Katy Machut- Session 10: Movement Journal for Promoting Cross curricular

I really enjoyed the variety and choice of activities with this weeks group teach hosted by Liz, Cheryl, Mary and Rob. I think that the directions with each game were very straight forward to follow and allowed us to have so much fun. I think the mediation station particularly reminded me of the importance of mindfulness which can be incorporated across curriculum. I was impressed with the variety of activities offered from art with the positivity stars, bowling, meditation, to dancing. I feel like this type of approach to physical education would allow for excited students and would love physical activity and be more likely to incorporate it in their daily life.

I see that it is of crucial importance that we as educators can provide variety of activities that are engaging, and relatable to children. The benefits of physical activity are so multifaceted which include improving self-confidence, learning new skills and improve concentration in the classroom.

I think that we are making strides in improving the requirements for physical activity within schools especially with the mandated 30 minutes of daily PE above and beyond recess and lunch. I believe I would incorporate lessons taught throughout the year about the importance of eating well and its positive effect on our minds and body. I think it is more valuable to have physical health emphasized throughout the year than having it just be part of one unit.

Week 2 Journal

I am finding myself to be more and more excited about PE class, and delving into the topic of physical literacy. Many of us are leading very busy lives with the demands of the program, family obligations, work, etc. that leading a balanced lifestyle may not always come up as a priority. I found that even in the 15 minutes of free play at the beginning of class the past two weeks really sets a positive tone for the day, and increases my awareness. This makes me realize just how important physical activity is to the youth, and the importance of education surrounding a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle should not just be about making sure you get your daily 30 minutes of physical activity (although it is important!), but it should take on a more holistic approach, and really pay special attention to emotional and mental well-being, in addition to physical activity. 

I particularly really like the idea of linking ideas across the curriculum. For instance, by having students experiment with gardening allows for time outside, as well as teaching students about larger ideas and other subjects such as food processes, ecology, and the sciences. 

Lastly, physical education should be something that students look forward to, and that includes everyone in the class in a supportive environment. I thought that the Target Group did a really great job of demonstrating how to modify the Hall of Shame game dodge ball, into a game that really focuses on skills like, aim, and the underhand throw.