Movement Journal Week 2

I enjoy our P.E class and I look forward to class every week. However, as others pointed out, it wasn’t always like this. I was a very shy kid back in elementary and I wasn’t athletic. P.E was a class I dreaded attending in elementary school because my P.E teacher didn’t like me and I wasn’t good at sports. I really liked today’s class and last week’s class because of the safe environment where everyone can participate regardless of level and skill.

Today when we started with dodgeball I was surprised at first because I knew that it was a part of the P.E Hall of Shame. Later on, they explained to us that it was an example of why these games should not be played and I thought it was clever that they made a modification to dodgeball.

Even though it’s only been 2 classes, I realized that there have been a lot of positive changes in P.E classes and the P.E curriculum. First of all, there is less of a focus on students who excel and more of a focus on inclusiveness. Physical Education should be fun for all students and it shouldn’t just be a time for the athletic students to show off their skills. I really appreciate the new mindset on teaching P.E which looks more at the student’s effort than their talent. I think key concepts in teaching P.E include patience, encouragement and inclusiveness. I’m really glad our class was able to have fun and encourage each other.



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