Movement Journal for Week 2

Shaming games. Whoever thought that some of the most beloved games could bring tears and sadness to children in P.E. classes all over B.C. (or the world, who knows?). I was shocked to see that dodgeball was a shaming game, as well as red rover or duck, duck, goose. Nonetheless I can see why this is so. The modification that the group made to dodgeball was insightful and awesome. The premise of the game is still there but taking the human aspect out of the game takes away the shame as well. The modification to dodgeball also probably matched more PLO’s than regular dodgeball which is icing on the cake.

Last week was great as well. Coming into P.E. class I was excited. Besides doing a running activity or testing of some sort, I really enjoyed P.E. class as a child. I was always involved with extra-curricular sports and also played soccer outside of school. Learning to teach P.E. and doing P.E. are two totally different things. I never really thought about the thought process that goer into a lesson and selecting games and activities to meet certain goals or the PLO’s. How naïve of me!

I am excited to see what I learn in this course and how I can be an effective P.E. teacher while also playing the typical fun games and doing the regular sports. Don’t get me wrong, there will be time for dance and yoga or maybe tennis and swimming. The biggest idea that I have taken away so far is getting the kids active and keeping them active for as long as possible.

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