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  1. Response to Lisa Jensen’s Movement Journal Entry Week 1:

    I related to what Lisa was saying about her personal experiences with Physical Education in Elementary School. I felt quite embarrassed in many of my P.E. class activities as an elementary school student and probably didn’t understand exactly why at the time. It led me to believe I was less capable than others and that made me less motivated to try. I developed a belief about myself that became part of my identity: “I am bad at PE.” Like Lisa, I found our first class last week to be a positive reminder about how fun and inclusive PE class can be. I am also apprehensive about my ability to be a good PE teacher without necessarily being good at sports, but I’m also hopeful and open to learn. As Lisa mentioned, the new curriculum is a point of hopefulness, as it seems to address many of the issues I have felt concerned about regarding the way PE is taught or was taught to me. I am excited to shift the emphasis away from sport-dominated activity to a more holistic approach, which addresses the full spectrum of the child ‘s needs and abilities. I hope that, as Lisa said, if we provide truly positive experiences of physical activity for children at a young age we can instill a life-long love for activity. The new curriculum seems to aim to do this and I am excited to see it put into practice in our class.

  2. Kenthen Thomas blog week two movement.

    Physical activity for as long as I know has been an integral part of my memory, from playing and running to just downright having fun. However in the early years of physical education the structured fun that was being taught to me was in more than one way very confusing. I wasn’t sure what was going on and why all of sudden the act of running and having fun had to be so structured with so many rules and why there always had to be winners and losers. The fun of physical movement befuddled what i thought to be just fun, thus i think physical education needs to be clear and concise about what the projections are for the children and what they hopes are for their assessment and achievements. Running and having fun and just moving are integral parts but the term physical literacy is also a huge part of what will make up the educational part of this learning experience. Also the constant need for my own reflection and self assessment of my own teaching techniques and considering and reconsidering what works and what doesn’t. Also there seems to be an overwhelming fear of PE as a class and how can I as a teacher change that fear, how do I combine fun, athletics and the inevitable competitiveness that will arise in a class of twenty or more personalities?

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