One thought on “Reflection #1Helen”

  1. Hello Helen,

    Great poster! I totally agree with you. Technology is taking over our lives. As I type this on my MacBook Pro, I also have my iPad beside me and my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6! I believe that technology has made us lazier. Many children would rather stay at home and play video games than go outside and play soccer. What is worse is the fact that some parents encourage this behaviour because it’s considered “safer” and it also requires less effort on their part. In other words, it’s easier to let your child stay at home than drive them to hockey practice. However, as we discussed in class last time, risky play is essential for children to test their abilities and limits.

    I also believe, however, that technology does not always make us more sedentary. I have several apps that help me live a healthier lifestyle. I have an app for tracking my calorie intake, another for tracking my workouts at the gym, and another for running. My friend even has one that acts as a pedometer. Beyond apps, there are also games that involve activity, like Wii Fit. I think that perhaps technology could be used as a tool to make us healthier. Maybe someone could invent a smartphone game that involves physical activity, for example. Maybe it already exists. I believe that technology does not have to be at odds with physical activity. And in fact, it has the potential to improve our lives.

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