Week Two Journal

The second week of EDCP 320 provided some clarity regarding how the class will be laid out for the term. I enjoy the mix of pedagogy and physicality in the class. The first group presented a target game lesson to the class this week. It was very successful and planted the foundation for all future groups. I was initially surprised when they began the class with dodge ball but it acted as a great tie-in to the weekly articles.

The readings from last week made me really think about the atmosphere during P.E. class and how it needs to change. I have enjoyed athletics my entire life, which bred an affection for P.E., but now I have to view it form a totally different angle. As the teacher in the class, I need to establish a fun, safe learning environment for all of my students. Whereas, when I was solely a participant, all I was concerned with, was the amount of fun I was having. The class has just began and I feel as though I’ve already learned so much about teaching P.E.

On the other hand, I’m a little worried about teaching this class. After reading the hall of shame articles this week, I realized I really enjoyed most of those games.I’m concerned that it may be difficult for me to relate to some of my students about comfort levels in the gymnasium. I hope I can become more confident throughout the term. The first test for me will come next week when my group presents on net/wall games. I hope everyone reads their readings for next week so that we are put in a position to succeed with the class discussions.

Overall, it was a very informative, and enjoyable week in the class. It has quickly become my favorite class and I look forward to next Friday.

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