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Movement Journal- Final Week

Last Friday was a lot of fun, it was the most free flowing lesson we’ve had all year, due to the variance it’s station based approach.I really enjoyed the creativity involved in the warm up and cool down. More so, I appreciate the creativity and ambition with the lesson as a whole. It goes without saying that, that lesson is a high risk, high reward undertaking. With an ample amount of front loading by the instructor and a trusting relationship between teacher and class, it could be tremendous. On the other hand, things could easily go array. Nonetheless, as aforementioned, I admired the ambition of this lesson. I think a lot of the preceding groups, including my own, took a more traditional route because most of us assumed that the students would be acclimated regarding the type of behavior expected in those traditional structures. Last Friday, however, took an entirely different, more progressive, and perhaps more fulfilling approach. If there is a time to try a more unique approach to teaching, it is in a safe, experimental and controlled environment such as this. In retrospect, I wish I had suggested something more outside the box to my presentation group after participating in this lesson. Overall, it was a great lesson, one that only provides us with more tools for our P.E. toolbox. We have now been gifted some knowledge in almost every overarching aspect that we will have to deal with in our P.E. class in terms of activity types to game plan for. I hope to lesson plan in a creative manner much like the one that was exemplified last Friday.

Movement Journal

Last week was an intense class. We started with the physical literacy of the proper running technique. The instant activity we played was really fun, I actually wish we played it longer, and I think I might try it in my P.E. class at my practicum school upon return. Next we did a relay race, I’m not a big runner, I actually hate it, but it was enjoyable. I can’t see myself doing this is practicum, mainly due to the lack of space and facility at my school. Regardless, this activity was exhausting, I was so sore all weekend. So, it works, in regard to the 60% activity rule of thumb. Unfortunately, we only have a few weeks of this left. I’ve learned a lot and could have used another semester of P.E. pedagogy, it remains the most challenging, yet fun class for me to teach. I look forward to the oncoming weeks and hope to soak up as much as the knowledge lobbed my was as possible.

Outdoor Education Reflection

Last week was one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve experienced to date. The lesson was a lot of fun, I’m impressed by the unique, creative approach. Making it a workshop style, was educational for everyone participating and the weather cooperated as well! From what we’ve been learning so far, children need to go outdoors more during Phys Ed class. As aforementioned, the presentation group did a beautiful job of tackling the lesson. I was not an easy week to teach but they looked at it in a different lens than I would have failed to recognize, and it turned out to bed amazing. With a frenzy of students walking around outside and the limited time, they planned the lesson not only to work around these inhibitors but also as an educational experience for everyone in the class, who is trying to learn how to teach. Each station was completely unique and equally enjoyable. I’m glad they taught things this way because now I know that when I am asked to teach outside, I have a bag of tricks to pull from. Like Steve has been saying, the bar has been elevated, and for us a spectators, we are starting to increase our own expectations for future practical reference.

Movement Journal-Target Games

Great lesson to Sonya, Emily, and Pamela on Friday. I really enjoyed the game and think second grade students would enjoy it a lot as well. I appreciate the idea that everyone is playing the games at the same time, yet there is no clear winners or losers. This creates a fun atmosphere that minimizes the probability of a competitive quarrel between students. Although there is room for improvement in regard to safety during the second game; I think we addressed the situation aptly by reviewing and revising the game.

I am intrigued by this new concept of reviewing each game and building on them with revisions. I think it enables us to be creative and take some of these ideas into our practicums, and ultimately our own classrooms. If we didn’t revise now, we may have to do so during the practicums even more so. I look forward to invasion games next week and continue to learn instant activities each week as well.

Net/ Wall Game Reflections

This past Friday Clarissa, Amanda, Terence and I did our group teach exercise. I was surprised about how difficult it was to teach a P.E. class. I had another group teach project in another class earlier in the week and it was much easier for me personally. Although I think our presentation was good, but I feel like my personal performance was lacking. Physical literacy is a difficult concept to grasp, I think because it’s so different to what I always assumed P.E. was attempting to accomplish. I appreciate it, but it was hard to facilitate a discussion on. It worked out alright though.

After the discussion we proceeded to the fun stuff. I felt like our lesson was engaging well crafted and well timed. I may have been a little aggressive with the warm up (sorry), but the stations were well planned and kept everyone constantly moving. Although the warm up wasn’t ideally executed, it served a purpose to highlight the purpose of physical literacy. That simple stance was used as a fundamental building block in each of the following stations.

Overall, I’m just glad I gained the experience here, in a safe environment. I have already noted various things that I need to improve when I move into the gymnasium. Truthfully though, coming into this program I was most excited to teach P.E., now I think it may be just the opposite. Hopefully I can build on that group teach exercise to become a more confident P.E. teacher before I step in front of my first class last this year.

Week Two Journal

The second week of EDCP 320 provided some clarity regarding how the class will be laid out for the term. I enjoy the mix of pedagogy and physicality in the class. The first group presented a target game lesson to the class this week. It was very successful and planted the foundation for all future groups. I was initially surprised when they began the class with dodge ball but it acted as a great tie-in to the weekly articles.

The readings from last week made me really think about the atmosphere during P.E. class and how it needs to change. I have enjoyed athletics my entire life, which bred an affection for P.E., but now I have to view it form a totally different angle. As the teacher in the class, I need to establish a fun, safe learning environment for all of my students. Whereas, when I was solely a participant, all I was concerned with, was the amount of fun I was having. The class has just began and I feel as though I’ve already learned so much about teaching P.E.

On the other hand, I’m a little worried about teaching this class. After reading the hall of shame articles this week, I realized I really enjoyed most of those games.I’m concerned that it may be difficult for me to relate to some of my students about comfort levels in the gymnasium. I hope I can become more confident throughout the term. The first test for me will come next week when my group presents on net/wall games. I hope everyone reads their readings for next week so that we are put in a position to succeed with the class discussions.

Overall, it was a very informative, and enjoyable week in the class. It has quickly become my favorite class and I look forward to next Friday.