Movement Journal-Target Games

Great lesson to Sonya, Emily, and Pamela on Friday. I really enjoyed the game and think second grade students would enjoy it a lot as well. I appreciate the idea that everyone is playing the games at the same time, yet there is no clear winners or losers. This creates a fun atmosphere that minimizes the probability of a competitive quarrel between students. Although there is room for improvement in regard to safety during the second game; I think we addressed the situation aptly by reviewing and revising the game.

I am intrigued by this new concept of reviewing each game and building on them with revisions. I think it enables us to be creative and take some of these ideas into our practicums, and ultimately our own classrooms. If we didn’t revise now, we may have to do so during the practicums even more so. I look forward to invasion games next week and continue to learn instant activities each week as well.

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  1. Rylan,

    I really enjoyed reading your feedback on the striking lesson presented by Sonya, Emily and Pamela. I agree with you that evaluating games and activities on the fly can be helpful to work out the kinks of the game and things that may have missed. In my previous lesson planning , I’ve found it easy to get caught up in the overall scope of the lesson and miss the simple details. It’s not until you actually see it being played first-hand that you realize ways in which it could be modified. I think being able to make changes on the fly without seeming flustered will be a very valuable skill to develop this year. I’m also looking forward to some invasion games this Friday!

  2. Great post Rylan, I completely agree with you! I had an enjoyable time participating in Friday’s student lesson. Pamela, Emily and Sonya provided a variety of activities that were both engaging and suitable for an elementary level. I really liked how the instant activity incorporated alternative types of physical movements such as dance, running and skipping. This activity also left room for creativity, and expressed freedom of choice while remaining active. In a classroom setting, this would not only create a positive environment, but teaches students that physical education isn’t just running, jumping or playing soccer. In terms of the student team-teach; I liked how there were constant movements amongst all students. I also thought it was great that there were no clear winners or losers during the activities. It was more of a game that incorporated self-reflection and improvement. However, I do think the game need a few tweaks here and there to improve safety. I notice a few students falling due to slippery mats, as well as some students running into one another. Touching the mats with ones hands would be one solution, while making the groups smaller might be another.
    I also look forward to invasion games next week, and am very excited to do my team-teach on the 16th.

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