Movement Journal

Last week was an intense class. We started with the physical literacy of the proper running technique. The instant activity we played was really fun, I actually wish we played it longer, and I think I might try it in my P.E. class at my practicum school upon return. Next we did a relay race, I’m not a big runner, I actually hate it, but it was enjoyable. I can’t see myself doing this is practicum, mainly due to the lack of space and facility at my school. Regardless, this activity was exhausting, I was so sore all weekend. So, it works, in regard to the 60% activity rule of thumb. Unfortunately, we only have a few weeks of this left. I’ve learned a lot and could have used another semester of P.E. pedagogy, it remains the most challenging, yet fun class for me to teach. I look forward to the oncoming weeks and hope to soak up as much as the knowledge lobbed my was as possible.

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