Week 8

Attending the track meet always brought me joy as I got to compete against other schools in relay races and long jump. After finding out that the group was taking us out to the track, I have to admit that I was kind of nervous. I have not taken part in any track and field activities since elementary school. The group did a great job making sure that everyone was able to do the activities they created. We started off with a fun activity, Rooster and Rabbit. It seemed like such a simple game to understand and do, but it was difficult for me, and many other of my peers, to register which way to go. I see track and field as strictly running, but this group demonstrated activities that we can do that did not solely include running. This group also showed how to incorporate track and field into the school curriculum at a younger grade. I think this group did a great job last week, however, I think they could have done a better job with the stretching. I know it is a minor part of their whole lesson, but since we are doing track and field, I think it would have been more appropriate to take our time stretching.

In our small groups, we talked about the varied diversity that our classrooms have. It was interesting to hear from others about the students that have diverse needs in their classroom. We discussed how important the role of inclusion takes in the classroom and gymnasium and how to create a safe environment for all. As for me teaching grades 2/3, I think that it is important create lessons so it is possible for all to take part in. Overall, this group did a great job! They demonstrated that running can be fun and it is easy to incorporate in physical education.

One thought on “Week 8”

  1. Thanks for talking about inclusion! Although I wasn’t able to participate in this class, I have also been considering this aspect of physical education. A PE teacher can set a culture of inclusion in so many valuable ways that contribute to a good community culture. It’s definitely important that the PE teacher has a solid understanding of the diverse abilities in the classroom and is able to identify the kinds of support and encouragement each student will need to feel included. The teacher will need to develop routines and tools for positive behavior management in PE that leave learners feeling positive about themselves and PA in general (e.g., not punishing with more PA – that should be a reward!).

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