Reflecting back on my elementary school experience, I can always remember thoroughly enjoying track and field season. I was always involved in various relay races, high jump, long jump, as well as softball throw. With that being said, I really enjoyed Devon, Michelle, Megan, and Jen’s team-teach. Learning about the different movements and techniques to running was very beneficial. I will utilize the skills I learned on Friday, to help me teach track and field skills during my long practicum. I also enjoyed the groups instant activity referred to as “Rabbits and Roosters”. The game is inclusive, yet at the same time, allows students to work on individual skills. I thought this was great!

The chapter for this week looked at diversity in a classroom setting. As a future educator this is something to be expected. However, dealing with diversity is another question. In terms of physical education, I think that there can be many ways to keep it inclusive for every student. This could range from participating in the activity, all the way to keeping score. Diversity on a gender scale is a little more confusing for me, and is something I need more resources to understand.

Overall, this week was a fun experience. It was also nice to enjoy a sunny day outdoors!

One thought on “MOVEMENT JOURNAL WEEK 8- Lexi Picken”

  1. My elementary school didn’t have a track & fields team. Although, even if it did, I don’t think I would have joined. I was never much of a runner in elementary or in high school. I always tried to avoid it. However, the group teach made it really fun! I liked how we started off with the basics of walking, and then skipping, and then jogging, etc. I also enjoyed the “Rabbits and Roosters” run as well. Although I kept getting myself confused and kept debating if I was rabbit or rooster every time one or the other was called out.

    The baton relay race was fun as well. I had an injured knee so I couldn’t participate in the run, however, I was able to join in with the march! I liked the idea that the race wasn’t about the students running against each other. Devon, Michelle, Megan, and Jen turned our focus to the batons and stated that the batons were the ones “racing”.

    The weather was cold out, but we were able to keep warm throughout the entire lesson. It was great!

    Job well done!

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