Movement Journal- Final Week

Last Friday was a lot of fun, it was the most free flowing lesson we’ve had all year, due to the variance it’s station based approach.I really enjoyed the creativity involved in the warm up and cool down. More so, I appreciate the creativity and ambition with the lesson as a whole. It goes without saying that, that lesson is a high risk, high reward undertaking. With an ample amount of front loading by the instructor and a trusting relationship between teacher and class, it could be tremendous. On the other hand, things could easily go array. Nonetheless, as aforementioned, I admired the ambition of this lesson. I think a lot of the preceding groups, including my own, took a more traditional route because most of us assumed that the students would be acclimated regarding the type of behavior expected in those traditional structures. Last Friday, however, took an entirely different, more progressive, and perhaps more fulfilling approach. If there is a time to try a more unique approach to teaching, it is in a safe, experimental and controlled environment such as this. In retrospect, I wish I had suggested something more outside the box to my presentation group after participating in this lesson. Overall, it was a great lesson, one that only provides us with more tools for our P.E. toolbox. We have now been gifted some knowledge in almost every overarching aspect that we will have to deal with in our P.E. class in terms of activity types to game plan for. I hope to lesson plan in a creative manner much like the one that was exemplified last Friday.

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  1. I agree with Rylan. The last team teach of the term was a lot of fun! I really liked the amount of variety and choices there were with all 16 stations. While it did promote cross-curricular based activities, I also used the other stations such as the art garden as a cool down. Most children (and adults) love the option to pick their own activity without being told what to do (to an extent). I can see this working very well with both primary and intermediate classes. I also really loved Rob’s activity where we had to form letters with our classmates. We even had a really cool CITE picture come from it! I know I will definitely be using Mary and Cheryl’s activities with my grade 1/2 class because it was engaging and a lot of fun being creative imagining ourselves as different animals and in an alternate environment. Thinking back at my PE classes throughout elementary and high school, I never participated in a lesson like this one. Cheryl, Mary, Liz, and Rob gave us the opportunity to be active while learning other subject areas, as well as let us be creative.

    Great job Cheryl, Mary, Liz, and Rob! It was an awesome way to end the PE group teachings.

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