Week 1 movement journal

Physical Education is fun; at the very least, it was fun until I entered high school. The supportive, fun and compassionate community of elementary PE had morphed into an uncomfortable and rigid environment. I came to dread PE as our daily routine of running laps and playing sports was not something I found enjoyable. My teachers failed to address that many students lacked the compassion necessary to encourage less skilled students to learn and excel. Once in PE I was unable to catch a lacrosse ball and was ignored by my teammates for the remainder of the day. Thankfully outside of high school PE teachers and coaches had helped me develop an understanding the importance of being active. I was happy that the text reinforced the idea that PE should encourage students to be compassionate, thoughtful and supportive in and out of the classroom. If students are successful in doing this we can create a safe environment where learning to love physical activity is central.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 movement journal”

  1. You bring up such an important point with your focus on compassion in P.E., Carrie! In my own experiences as well, compassion is something that has been replaced with competition in P.E. classes more than others. Is there a way to have both? Is it beneficial to have competition in the classroom? A bit of competition can be motivating, I suppose, but as all of our class readings have so clearly emphasized, learning and development can only take place in a fear and anxiety free environment. I am curious to know how your P.E. teachers and coaches were able to help you grow outside of your classes, as you mentioned in your reflection. Thank you for sharing, and reminding us that we are responsible for teaching compassion, as well as physical activity in the classroom.

  2. Its really in unfortunate that teachers sometimes let some students go – Carrie as you mentioned, your teachers failed to encourage less skilled students. I too experienced this phenomenon. I did not have a positive experience in PE class – however, I have made a conscious effort to become more active since.
    Daniella, I agree that its good to have some competition as some students do thrive on it. Having worked with many students of different age groups, its amazing how compassionate even very young competitive children can be and as an educator, it simply needs to be fostered and encouraged on a continual basis.

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