Angie – Week 1 – Group A Post – Topic

Week 1
This morning I arrived to campus early and treated myself to a hearty breakfast; all Canadian breakfast at A & W. It was a plate full of carbs and grease, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, tomato slices and whole wheat toast that would soon take long to digest. Well, I met a friend and we walked to the Osborne gym together for the PE class. My GPS said we passed it when we didn’t. We panicked about being late & it felt like we wanted to run, but where? We were a couple minutes late. Not what we wanted to do be late. We walked into PE and it was so much fun. Free time. I didn’t know what to play with. So I grabbed a basketball because it was familiar to me. Then the strips of colors flying around in the air were so colourful and beautiful, what is the name of this? I had lots of fun. My legs were sore from the squats we did in the Mission Possible game.

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