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Week 2 ABC Cohort Target Games

On Tuesday Sept. 22nd

We had our first presenters and it was great. The warm up that Claire did was awesome. Opened up my imagination and created a safe place to have fun and engage in this classroom, the gym. Then we went outside to the field for Target Games. It was a great demonstration especially since the part of thinking positive and self thoughts and reflections are totally human nature. I was once told, we are our worst critics.

We all engaged in the target games and lots of positive attitude and positve communication was happening between us, we had paired up to practise throwing, aiming and hitting the target. It was a little competition and from what I observed everyone enjoyed this activity. It was fun and engaging for all ages and I know students in elementary schools would engage and enjoy this PA as well.

ABC cohort last week

Last Tuesday Dec 1st. We had two fantastic groups up to do their group presentations. The first group did a warm up and a fun relay game on “farmers”. It was very different and absolutely interesting for the TC’s to get the students to do the harvesting work outs. Slashing. Picking high and picking low, and doing the chicken run. On to the relay game of farming. We were put into groups of four and raced each other to the other end of the gym and each of us had a food group to search for the daily amount of each food group. It was so much fun and laughter.
The second group presented a yoga meditation, warm-up, and yoga work out. It was very good and interesting as well. However I was very tired and felt exhausted from the first group presentation. As we relaxed into the first meditation (warm-up) my mind was concentrating on deep breathing (inhaling & exhaling) and soon I realised that I was the only one who did not have my right had over my heart and my left hand on my stomach as we did the deep breathing. It was a funny moment on my part. One other classmate caught my reaction and we laughed quietly together. Yoga was more then I thought it would be. It was relaxing but some of those positions that I had to hold was actually quite difficult as my body was telling me “you’re done!” I kept doing what I could.. My right shoulder was feeling the pain and I remember that because I had difficult time to reach up to the sky at this time during the yoga work-out. I think that all the presenters were very enthusiastic about the presentation of the groups choice. It was a great day to learn of how new things, as these two presentations gave me a better insight and playful of how to be a farmer and the concentrating and having a strong mind for the yoga class was fantastic and very interesting.


Invasion Games Group A: Week 5

In what ways is a discovery approach useful in game play?
It many ways it is useful in game play because the student learns the basics of an invasion or territory game. A great example was this morning during PE we played an invasion game, protecting the alien, it was so much fun and everyone was laughing and everyone was playful. It soon was a discovery for each student to learn when to move from your alien to try invade someones elses alien. Quickly we learned new strategies. It was so engaging. Then the game was extended by borders and grouping up once your alien was hit/knocked over. What sorts of questions enhanced student learning? New strategy, how to improve. Possibly leading to playing soccer or basketball in your later years. (If we were elementary school students) I did not have many questions, at the time as i was having fun and playing hard. It was a great work out. The modified ‘train capture the flag’ was fun too. Thanks to the group for a fun engaging class from warms ups to cool down.


Group A: Week 3 Physical Literacy

Honestly, I didn’t understand exactly recall what P.E Literacy meant at first, forgetting about the definition of ‘literacy’. In re-learning from Steve and classmates through discussion what it means. I knew it was understanding physical educational language, in the beginning of the discussion, I was thinking that I wasn’t a PE literate person. My perception was the old school ways of PE.  In reflection of the readings it highlighted how important it is to create a safe learning environment for all students. Whitehead stated the importance of teaching the movements to promote healthy living versus run, jump, and be competitive because that could come later. In discussion of what teachers can do is help motivate by teaching about healthy living is a ‘building block’ (Steve words) to give tools of confidence to students. They will be competent and therefore will have a better understanding and have the knowledge to make healthy choices for oneself. “Teachers provide the experience of P.E. literacy” (Whitehead, 2014). Also, another interesting part of this article is that I was able to better understand about the art of flow, as in Case #1, “Timid Timmy”, how PE had a negative impact on him as he didn’t have a desire to run however he was interactive with people online from all over the world who had the same interests as he did for the art of flow, juggling. Physical literacy is life long learning, I am happy to learn more about it.

Angie – Week 1 – Group A Post – Topic

Week 1
This morning I arrived to campus early and treated myself to a hearty breakfast; all Canadian breakfast at A & W. It was a plate full of carbs and grease, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, tomato slices and whole wheat toast that would soon take long to digest. Well, I met a friend and we walked to the Osborne gym together for the PE class. My GPS said we passed it when we didn’t. We panicked about being late & it felt like we wanted to run, but where? We were a couple minutes late. Not what we wanted to do be late. We walked into PE and it was so much fun. Free time. I didn’t know what to play with. So I grabbed a basketball because it was familiar to me. Then the strips of colors flying around in the air were so colourful and beautiful, what is the name of this? I had lots of fun. My legs were sore from the squats we did in the Mission Possible game.