ABC cohort last week

Last Tuesday Dec 1st. We had two fantastic groups up to do their group presentations. The first group did a warm up and a fun relay game on “farmers”. It was very different and absolutely interesting for the TC’s to get the students to do the harvesting work outs. Slashing. Picking high and picking low, and doing the chicken run. On to the relay game of farming. We were put into groups of four and raced each other to the other end of the gym and each of us had a food group to search for the daily amount of each food group. It was so much fun and laughter.
The second group presented a yoga meditation, warm-up, and yoga work out. It was very good and interesting as well. However I was very tired and felt exhausted from the first group presentation. As we relaxed into the first meditation (warm-up) my mind was concentrating on deep breathing (inhaling & exhaling) and soon I realised that I was the only one who did not have my right had over my heart and my left hand on my stomach as we did the deep breathing. It was a funny moment on my part. One other classmate caught my reaction and we laughed quietly together. Yoga was more then I thought it would be. It was relaxing but some of those positions that I had to hold was actually quite difficult as my body was telling me “you’re done!” I kept doing what I could.. My right shoulder was feeling the pain and I remember that because I had difficult time to reach up to the sky at this time during the yoga work-out. I think that all the presenters were very enthusiastic about the presentation of the groups choice. It was a great day to learn of how new things, as these two presentations gave me a better insight and playful of how to be a farmer and the concentrating and having a strong mind for the yoga class was fantastic and very interesting.


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