Week 2 Target Games (Reading Summary)

Summarize Readings (Chapter 1-2 & Hall of Shame Articles)

Amy Flett, Bobby Chilaka, Mike Rines and Nicole Hothi

Chapter 1:

  1. History of Physical Education
    • Aboriginal games
    • Training technique for the army (paid for and supplied by)
    • Ryerson first visionary of PE
    • 1892 – PE and gymnastics became mandatory
    • Gender segregate in terms of sports/activities
    • 1847 – Normal school designed
  2. Physical Education today
    • Curriculum is created by the province or territory
    • Four phases of making the curriculum (4-5 years)
      • Foundation
      • Pilot Phase
      • Feedback
      • Implementation
  1. Future of Physical Education
    • Dominated competitive sports à inclusive healthy base sports

Chapter 2:

  1. Establishing a Professional Identity
  2. Developing personal identity
  3. Content VS Pedagogy
  4. Different types of teaching (physical literacy)
    • Experimental knowledge (own experience base)
    • Knowledge of Content (what to teach)
    • Pedagogy (how to teach it)
  1. Self-reflective
    • Open to new ideas
    • Reflection in and on action
    • Know your children community and context

Hall of Shame Article (Part 3):

  1. Focus on poor teaching practices as oppose to specific games:
  2. Students on display – Solution: station display
  3. One line, one ball, one change – Solution: Think creatively to use equipment for maximum participation
  4. Roll out the ball – Solution: Lessons must be carefully, thoughtfully planned, organized, presented and evaluated.
  5. Inappropriately sized equipment – Solution: use equipment to fit the athlete. Smaller basketballs for example.
  6. Exercise for punishment – Solution: use alternative discipline enhancing techniques
  7. Students choose captains – Solution: grouping should be done by the most qualified person for fair teams and to avoid embarrassment.
  8. Physical education class as sports camp – Solution: Move away from traditional sports and focus on sports commonly use in adulthood


  • What are some advantages vs disadvantages in removing competitive sports from elementary school?
  • What are some qualifications, or professional identity?
  • Why is important to know your children community and context?
  • Is Hall of shame flexible between age groups?



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