I was surprised when I read through all the ‘‘Physical Education Hall of Shame’’ articles. I don’t agree with some of the games in the PEHOS article. I wasn’t expected to see that there was a high likelihood for danger or injury during the games. Games such as Kickball are based on to get players out by hitting them as hard as possible with thrown a ball. Teacher with poor teaching practice and the lock of emphasis on teaching motor was the big issue. I’m wondered how is the student going to be participating and have fun during the class? I think it is important for the physical education teachers to have the knowledge of what to teach and how to teach to students in the class. It is also their responsibility to understand students’ social and emotional needs in the class.

On Tuesday, we learned about target games. There were two things I really liked from this class. One was the warm-up at the beginning before we enter the target game. The warm-up was filled with emotions, movements, imagination, and creativity. I have never done any of instant activity when I was in grade 10. This is so new to me. Another one I liked about was using the self-talk (‘‘I can do this.’’) during the games. I found the self-talk was quite useful for me. It does help me to success at the end of the game. Now I’m looking forward to participating and seeing what other groups going to do for next week.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you on the self talk “I can do this” it made me observe everyone’s participation in the Target Games activities, being positive, having fun, practising tossing, and how important it is to create a safe place for all and make it enjoyable. In response to the article, it was a shame that some of those games did exist to begin with, however I did some of my own research by asking some people in my family and community about their experiences with PE and someone mentioned how “military” it was. That made me reflect on what Steve had mentioned about how PE transformed after WWIII and how it is transforming for inclusion, body movement, healthy living etc.

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