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On Tuesday, the Group Teach did their lesson on technology and dance with the class. I think they did really well with their lesson; especially, great job of scaffolding our skills. They really got us moving around! I was sweating after the lesson was done. I also think that you guys all did give the clear instructions and it was easy to follow through. I liked how you guys give us some time to practice the movements as a whole class before we get together with our small group. I do enjoyed and have fun during the activity. Even though I’m not good at dancing or a dancer, I know I can just do my best. I think the main point is to go there and have FUN with the class! I know nowadays in most of the elementary schools, the students only got 30 minutes for their P.E. class. Personally, I think 30 minutes of P.E. is very short and is not enough for the students in a day. I think as a teacher, we should come up with some physical activities for students to do in the classroom as much as we can. The teachers can also integrate their iPads with their physical education and health courses and bring it to the class. For instance, they can set up the YouTube dance tutorials or go noodle routines activities in the class. The teacher can ask his or her students do those activities just at their classroom, and then they don’t have to worry about finding the place in the school. Overall, well done group!



Last Thursday the Group Teach did their lesson at outdoor. It was a great experience having PE at outside. I had fun playing games and running around in the woods with my classmates. I can see there is a value teaching in the alternative environment, such as having outdoor physical education. Good things about doing PE outside is that students can develop their ability of become self-reliance. They can learn how to overcome fears and face new challenges when they are outside. This will lead them to become more independent as well. It was also a good way for the students to learn about nature outside and exploring the environment around; whereas, in the gym they won’t get any of that. For staying in the gym too long, children might get bored or tired easily.  Part of having the outdoor activity is that everyone all need to working together as a team. There is trust and respect when working as a team. I think as a teacher, we should take or try to bring the students to outdoor as much as we can. I remember when I was in elementary school we didn’t get much of outdoor activities and most of the time we got to stay in the gym. I think it is important for the students to have outdoors and experiencing more during PE class. Overall, moving the class to alternative environments is a great way to make students more interested, motivated, and willing to learn.


This week we read the chapter on assessments and the movement domains. After the reading the two chapters, I have had more understanding how the variety of assessment strategies be used in the P.E. class, such as learning logs and performance task rather than simply-based testing. For example, using the rubric for assessment does help me to self-assess. It does help me to know how I can improve and what I should do differently the next time.

On last Tuesday, the Group Teach did their teaching on striking and batting games. The group started with their instant activity (strike a pose) for five minutes. I found that warm-up activity was good! We can dance or move whatever we like in that area. Even though, I’m not good at dancing. I still have fun in that activity. The group used a rubric for assessment for their activity. I always found it is hard to do self-assess. I don’t know if I should assess myself in a good or outstanding. I always think if you are giving a good or outstanding assessment, then you need to be very good at P.E. or be more physically literate than others. But actually I was wrong! My friend told me that it is not necessary that everyone needs to be fully physically literate. All you have to do is meet all the criteria or standard of the activity then it is all good. I have to say that I really enjoyed the activities on last Tuesday. It was FUN! 😀


I was surprised when I read through all the ‘‘Physical Education Hall of Shame’’ articles. I don’t agree with some of the games in the PEHOS article. I wasn’t expected to see that there was a high likelihood for danger or injury during the games. Games such as Kickball are based on to get players out by hitting them as hard as possible with thrown a ball. Teacher with poor teaching practice and the lock of emphasis on teaching motor was the big issue. I’m wondered how is the student going to be participating and have fun during the class? I think it is important for the physical education teachers to have the knowledge of what to teach and how to teach to students in the class. It is also their responsibility to understand students’ social and emotional needs in the class.

On Tuesday, we learned about target games. There were two things I really liked from this class. One was the warm-up at the beginning before we enter the target game. The warm-up was filled with emotions, movements, imagination, and creativity. I have never done any of instant activity when I was in grade 10. This is so new to me. Another one I liked about was using the self-talk (‘‘I can do this.’’) during the games. I found the self-talk was quite useful for me. It does help me to success at the end of the game. Now I’m looking forward to participating and seeing what other groups going to do for next week.