Last Thursday the Group Teach did their lesson at outdoor. It was a great experience having PE at outside. I had fun playing games and running around in the woods with my classmates. I can see there is a value teaching in the alternative environment, such as having outdoor physical education. Good things about doing PE outside is that students can develop their ability of become self-reliance. They can learn how to overcome fears and face new challenges when they are outside. This will lead them to become more independent as well. It was also a good way for the students to learn about nature outside and exploring the environment around; whereas, in the gym they won’t get any of that. For staying in the gym too long, children might get bored or tired easily.  Part of having the outdoor activity is that everyone all need to working together as a team. There is trust and respect when working as a team. I think as a teacher, we should take or try to bring the students to outdoor as much as we can. I remember when I was in elementary school we didn’t get much of outdoor activities and most of the time we got to stay in the gym. I think it is important for the students to have outdoors and experiencing more during PE class. Overall, moving the class to alternative environments is a great way to make students more interested, motivated, and willing to learn.

One thought on “GROUP B/ WEEK 6- REFLECTION”

  1. Ivy, I love how you commented on the value of teaching P.E. in an alternative environment. I too, found this lesson very valuable in introducing the idea of teaching in an environment outside of the gym. Sometimes I think we get so tied up in the four walls our schools provide that we forget the importance of considering the outside world. I think the fact that we can learn a variety of things in a space that is much less contained is significant in stretching boundaries for our students. Life is not lived within a square box; it is experienced through multiple encounters with the living world that surrounds us.

    I also really enjoyed the trust exercises that we got to do with our cohort. I knew we had trust between us, but visually seeing the trust we had built, in front of each other, was quite an experience for me. I think that it is easy to say that you trust someone, but to really show it in a way that consumes the entire meaning of what it means to trust each other is an experience that I will take with me throughout my journey this year and for many years to come.

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