Group Teach Reflection: Target Games

On Tuesday, our group presented our lesson plan on Target Games. Being the first group to go was nerve-wracking, especially having to present right after going through all the evaluation rubrics! However, all in all, I think the lesson went well with the help of all our supportive classmates.

During our planning process, we had a lot of different ideas. There were a lot of things we had to keep in mind: PLOs, our target audience, physical/cognitive/affective development, fun, time management, evaluation and assessment, etc. How could we convey all the objectives, information, and instructions to the class, ensure there was a high enough participation time factor, and evaluate learning all within half an hour? It made me reflect on the reality of physical education in schools and how there really isn’t enough time set aside for something so important. It also made me excited to think about the ways in which I could incorporate physical activity in my classrooms throughout the day.

I noticed that the planning came easier to me than the teaching. I was able to research instant and warm-up activities that were simple yet relatable and then tie them together with the main lesson and learning objectives. The actual teaching part was a little more difficult – shout out to Lisa, Tina, and Claire (who did an amazing job leading the instant activity). Again, there were many things to keep in mind and a few hiccups along the way. Transition time was something we had difficulty with, especially with getting the equipment and going outdoors for some activities. Something I have to remember is to wait for the entire class to come in after an activity before providing new instructions, especially when in a large, outdoor space.

Overall, I think the lesson went well. The class played along and laughed at our silly skit, but I think they were really able to see how our whole lesson was structured and tied together.

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  1. Great job ladies, from the transitions it seemed to flow so smoothly to the next thing on the agenda. I liked how you all managed to share time, duties, teaching instructions, it looked like a lot of great planning took place. I enjoyed the Target games presentation and the learning of how to bring together, your intro, the warm, the imagination it will open for students of all ages. Job well done.

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