Week 3: Volleyball and Physical Literacy

Great work Terence, Clarissa, Amanda and Rylan!! You al did an awesome job in your group teach for volleyball. I loved your collaboration as a team and the engagement of each of you. You definitely had control of the class and made it a very fun, safe and exciting learning environment. Wonderful work!!

I started playing volleyball in a team setting in grade 4. I was never really good at it until about grade 7 when I had some fantastic coaches and once I joined the Thunder Volleyball Club. Since then, I have absolutely loved the sport and was so happy to get to play a little during the group teach. You all did an awesome job at breaking down the skills in to easy yet fun building blocks. There was never a point when I thought someone was struggling. You al worked really well making sure that we were succeeding and trying to help when it was needed, as a teacher should.

I also really enjoyed our discussion about physical literacy. Where I work we “teach” physical literacy to children ages 6 month up to 7 years old through gymnastics. The articles that we read for class were very relevant to what I do at gymnastics and I was thrilled to be able to make that connection and see it play out in the gym. Physical literacy to me is super important and I believe that it should be seen as something that is fundamentally needed in all schools.

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