Week #3 Movement

That was one of my favorite classes by far. I loved how each one of the group members brought something to the class. Great job Amanda, Clarissa, Rylan and Terrance. I think that the best quality that this group brought was their enthusiasm. If I were an elementary student, I would have loved to see my PE teachers get involved. Witnessing my teachers so involved made me want to get involved as well. That’s a lesson I think that I will take into my classroom. Students will be excited to learn if we as teachers are excited to teach it.

The way this group broke down volleyball was very impressive and also was easy to understand. I think that I will also adopt this method into my PE class because It was simple yet fun. Children would be able to easily grasp the basic concepts of volleyball. This opens up a new door for them, so if they are interest in this sport and would like to pursue it, they now have the physical literacy.

I always assumed that PE was a simple class to teach, but that isn’t the case. This class requires the teacher to actually put thought in the mental and physical well being of the student. So I am very appreciative of the reading because it teaches me how to be a good PE teacher.

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  1. Thanks Bobby for such a thoughtful post! When I reflect on my past gym classes in both elementary and high school, I can remember that none of my teachers participated in the activities with us. I also felt more motivated to participate and try harder when the teachers participated with us. Their enthusiasm was contagious and I appreciated the positive feedback that they gave to us while observing the stations.
    I admire how the group considered physical literacy and taught it in a fun way by breaking down the basic movements needed to play volleyball, like the shuffle monkey. Using this position works as a base skill for many other sports like basketball and field hockey as you both need to bend and shuffle in each sport.
    Teaching physical education is certainly a challenging task as you need to engage with the students to learn in a creative way to be active, while at the same time teach them the fundamental movements and skills to be healthy and active.

  2. Bobby, I really like what you wrote about teachers getting involved. I think back to my elementary school teachers and realize that I was always way more into it when they got into it as well. I especially enjoyed the activities when it functioned as a “students vs. teacher” game. There is a lesson in this. Even if it is just in the way you teach it, teach it with a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

    Also, congratulations to Amanda, Clarissa, Rylan and Terrence!
    You definitely had this type of enthusiasm all of the way through your lesson. It was very infectious and I was, as an effect of that, totally exhausted by the end!

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