Net/Wall Post Lesson Reflection.

  1. I think what worked well for this lesson was that our group was on the same page, therefore was able to keep the lesson going smoothly. We planned the entire lesson together and made sure we all knew what was happening at all times. While we planned the lesson together, my responsibility was to put together and lead the instant activity. As well, to lead the station to build on volleyball setting skills.
  2. One thing I noticed about planning and teaching was that it can often be a collaborative effort. As futures educators, we may be the lone teacher in the classroom, but we still have to be able to work in a group; ie. with our fellow staff. In terms of teaching and planning, I noticed that we do need to make changes on the fly. It is easier to make changes ahead of time, while planning, but I found having a backup to our activities helped with changing things on the fly. We had something to fall back on, therefore making it a little easier to change things up.
  3. I noticed our learners week very engaged. I believe our enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the lesson helped with that. They were able to build on their skills as we gave them tips in a positive and constructive way. As well, our group made sure to keep the learners building on their volleyball skills, even while moving between the skill stations (ie. The shuffle monkey position). I think they were able to have fun with it, while continuing to be active participants in class. And because we kept the fun movement (the shuffle monkey) consistent throughout the lesson, we were able to keep the flow of the class and allow our learners to follow instructions easily. They responded well to the fun aspect of our lesson; they listened more intently and we were able to have a smooth lesson.
  4. I think if we did anything differently, we would’ve made sure that we were always loud and clear with our instructions. I think we could have also had smaller groups to help with building on more skills and giving more feedback towards the learners.


2 thoughts on “Net/Wall Post Lesson Reflection.”

  1. Clarissa!
    Your team teach was awesome! You guys came into the lesson from start to finish with an infectious enthusiasm which made the lesson so much more enjoyable. The fast paced nature of your lesson really kept me on my toes and that was fun! My favourite aspect of your lesson was how you transitioned between activities. Getting everyone to practice the shuffle from station to station was a great way to keep the group active and engaged. I was tired after this lesson!! I also liked that you were so encouraging to us in each station. I think a few things you could have done different were incorporating some volleyball games in and sometimes members of the group were hard to hear. You could have had some games going in the end for people who were more comfortable with volleyball and continued pair play with those who wanted more practice. Regardless it was great!

  2. Clarissa, I agree 100%, your enthusiasm was contagious! Also, your collaboration and teamwork shone through the entire lesson, making for a cohesive and positive experience. The stations provided awesome support and guidance, and the small groups gave us a chance to focus more on the individual skill tasks at hand.

    In terms of what we’ve been talking about both in EDCP and our other classes, I wonder if perhaps it would have been beneficial to include a more student-centred warm up activity, to reduce the direct instruction time? That being said, we did get a chance to work hands on at the stations for most of the lesson, and you made it so fun, that I for one didn’t even notice my arms were burning until Iris brought it up at the end! As I’ve mentioned so many times, PE for me is about a lifestyle and a joy and passion for movement and health in whichever form is beneficial to the individual, and making something that could be very technical and dry (sorry sports and volleyball lovers!), into a fun, laid back and attainable activity was awesome. I wish y’all had been my PE teachers growing up!

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