Chris’ Reflection for September 30th

Hi everyone, I’ve chosen to reflect on Tobi, Emily, and Gemma’s soccer/baseball group teach. First off, thanks for letting us chuck the chicken, I think it really allowed me to release some stress. I never actually had the opportunity to ‘chuck’ the chicken myself, though I lived vicariously through my peers, and was able to run back and forth down the field. The main activity, soccer/baseball, was well-thought out and meticulously planned; I felt engaged throughout the entire activity. There were one or two occasions where we kicked the ball out of the fence, requiring us to use our climbing-literacy to retrieve the ball, it added to the experience. I think the group was really able to take a hall-of-shame game and twist it into something magical, where everyone was included and really engaged in a variety of ways.

It helps that our classroom atmosphere is so close-knit, I feel very included and welcomed. There was one instance where I went for the kick, missed it completely, fell on my rear, and felt great! Instead of laughing at my misfortune, teammates resumed their game-faces and we got right back into win the series.

Thank you to everyone for being so enthusiastic and supportive to our peers, I enjoy the sense-of-community,


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