Week 4 – Group B – Blog Entry – Taylor

Today, I really enjoyed the team teach group’s activities. It was well structured and I had a lot of fun today. The warm up activity was a lot of fun because it got us moving and outside, but the teachers encouraged us to make it unique to us by dancing however we wanted. This allowed kids (or us) to express our/them selves in whichever way it’s deemed fit. Also, the way it led to the main activity was great as it was a smooth transition and easy instructions. The only thing that was not clear was the dimensions of the playing area I noticed groups were told different areas/boundaries which made it a bit confusing when we were told to switch partners. Besides that, it was enjoyable when they increased the difficulty to encourage us to challenge ourselves, but didn’t force us to do it. It was a very free and open-ended activity where they teachers did not make the students participate in any given way; there was freedom for the students to choose their difficulty level and own version of warm up while still being included. Overall, it was an excellent game today, with lots of encouragement that was not “basic” (you guys know what I mean) and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves by the laughter and giggles that I heard.


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