Movement Journal – Oct 9 – Maymie

I enjoyed talking about different approaches to teaching PE this week. I had never heard of TGFU until our discussion. I really like the idea of teaching a game through another game, and slowly working out the details and the technique later on. I think TGFU makes a lot of sense because it’s hands on, it gets kids moving right away and it gives each learner the opportunity to participate even if they do not have the technique perfect. I also like this approach because I think it encourages more lifelong learning for students because it is fun, as opposed to putting stress on the rules of a game at the beginning.

I think this approach also applies to theories we have been learning in other classes. For example, in Lisa’s class we discussed the Whole Part Whole approach. I think it’s a similar concept – introduce the large idea first, investigate each part, and reconvene to apply the finer details to the whole lesson again.

I look forward to using this technique in my future classes!

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