Week 5: Invasion Games/ TGfU

Amazing job Zoe, Vivian and Jenny! You ladies were so motivating and I really liked how organized and efficient you were with your time. Your instant activity got everyone moving and it transitioned really well into the “Space Invasion” game.

Great work involving the readings about Teaching Games for Understanding into your lesson plan. The incorporation of each step being:
Step 1: Game –> Space Invasion
Step 2: Game Appreciation –> Taught us the game and then broke it down step by step for us and asked us how the game could be modified and what we learned from the version we were playing.
Step 3: Tactical Awareness –> Invading a territory and creating space and having spatial awareness of where the defenders are.
Step 4: Making Appropriate decisions –> If you were a defender, how did you successfully tag someone running through? If you were on offence, what strategies did you find that work/ didn’t work?
Step 5: Skill execution–> We used a ball to pass/ throw it to each team mate across the end line and then start over.

In our group discussion led by Zoe, she asked us which curriculum out of the 7 we were taught in elementary school. Our answer was pretty unanimous. We agreed that most of us experienced the curriculum model, Multi-Activity Model. We agreed that its purpose was to enable us to become physically active throughout our lifetime while being taught motor skills and maintaining an interest while learning about wide variety of sports and games.

Overall, great job!!

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