Movement Journal Oct 7th- Emily

I thought Wednesday’s discussion and group teach were both very well done, I enjoyed both the instant activity and learning net ball for the second portion of the class. What I thought was great about our warm up was how it was very simple, but also fun and quick. I thought it was a really good game for any P.E. class warm up. After our discussion on curriculum models Jessica, Ally and Kaira taught us how to play Netball for their team-teach. I personally was unfamiliar with the rules of the game, and kept trying to relate the mechanics to basketball, which our teachers reminded us, was a sport that had little in common with Netball. Jessica, Ally and Kaira did a really great job of explaining the skills and getting us to just start playing. This is an important lesson I learned from them. In some cases just starting to play a game allows students to get the idea of it better than an explanation can.

Another point I wanted to bring up in my reflection was the experience of P.E. I had in my practicum classroom on Thursday. The class I was shadowing had their Daily Physical Activity block at the end of the day before dismissal. In this block they played two games that were a variation of tag, both very active and inclusive of the whole group. I was really impressed with how quickly the games were explained and how involved the entire group was. I think my biggest take away from that block was learning from the teachers when to stop one game and start another. Different games can run for different lengths of time and you really have to be paying attention to the class to see if they’re enjoying what they are doing still or are ready to play something else. Looking forward to outdoor ed this week! 🙂

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  1. Hey Emily, thanks for your comment. I also enjoyed playing Netball this past Wednesday. I think our team was a little overly competitive, but we still managed to keep it an all-inclusive sport!

    My take-away from that lesson was their ability to introduce new rules as the game progressed. If they had of explained the entirety of the game before having played it, I would be left feeling overwhelmed and confused. Their progressive approach, similar to TGfU, allows the learner to fully engage in the task, without too much thought. By the time they introduced another rule, I felt I had the knowledge and confidence to apply it towards the game.

    Funny you mention the tag variations from your practicum, because my school adviser mentioned that I should come prepared next week with a couple versions of tag. I’ll find you in class!


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