Week 3 Reflection

One of the questions from this weeks Guiding Questions that resonated most with me was: “What are ways we can incorporate team building, life skills & leadership games into our PE classroom?” I believe to do this, a teacher needs to build relationships with her students and make an effort to get to know them. This will enable her to see which students can work well together and which ones she can aid in improving their cooperation skills. Creating an environment where students feel safe and included is important. If students feel safe, they are more likely to take risks and want to do better in PE which is an overall great life skill to have.  To ensure that all students voices are heard and their needs are met, teachers can encourage students to have weekly reflections (similar to this blog) to express their experiences in PE. Having open communication is important to gauge how students are doing, whether it be one-on-one verbal acknowledgement, breaking off into groups and discussing the day, or through a blog.

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