Week 5 Reflection

This week the group teach was led by Jennie, Carrie and Travis. They did a great job at teaching us striking games. I believe the game we played was called Apples to Buckets. I had a lot of fun and will definitely be implementing games similar to this one when I teach striking games to students. One of the guiding questions from this week was what value embodied learning has. I believe it has a great value because many people are visual and active learners, rather than being told or reading about what they need to do. I learn a lot better personally from being active and actually experiencing something, rather than sitting and having someone explain it to me. This week was the first that an assessment was incorporated and implemented into the group teach. It was helpful because it gave me a guideline to follow to see what I was doing well, and what I could do to improve. The rubric that the group supplied us with was straightforward and easy to understand.

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