Week 5 – Movement Journal

I thought this week did really well with invasion games! They implemented the TGfU model in such a way that we did not even really noticed how well it worked! (Or at least I did not). They provided a safe environment for us to play and build on our skills. The idea of keeping students in their ZPD – Zone of Proximal Development was well executed this week. Zoe, Jenny and Vivian did a great job of keeping the games simple while building on our skills. Their main activity showcased this as they continuously added various aspects to the game, from just running from one side to another while on team stays on lines to block, to passing a ball to each other to get to other side while the other team is allowed only one step from the lines.

Their explanations of how these sets of skills play into other sports and everyday life was very well thought out. While playing, I was not as aware of how this built on our skills and our physical literacy; I was too busy having fun and participating. I think that this is what we should all strive for as future educators. Being able to keep our students in their ZPD’s while pushing them a little further each time, without them even noticing because they’re having too much fun, is how I think it should be. PE should be a fun place! I look back at my own elementary and high school experiences and think about the fun we had. I think about how the games we played slowly built on our skills. Our teacher was able to break down the skills needed while reinforcing the concepts of fair play and teamwork. And looking back at it now, many of the skills were transferable to other games we played! I think this week’s group teach gave us an ideal example of how to apply the model into a class!

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  1. I enjoyed this week’s lesson and thought they did really well too! Their games were simple enough for everyone to understand, yet they focused on various skills such as spatial awareness, throwing and catching, as well as participation and teamwork. Clarissa, I was also unaware of the breakdown of the games and with each modification, how it built our skills and physical literacy. I agree that it is a great ability for a teacher to gradually build their students’ skills without having them realise it because they are enjoying the lesson too much to even think they are learning something new.

    I was in Jenny’s group discussion and thought she did an excellent job in leading not only the team teach, but her small group as well. It was evident that she had a strong understanding of her topic and gave positive feedback to everyone in our group.

    Good job, Jenny, Zoe, and Vivian!

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