Week 5 Movement Journal

This week, the group teach focused on invasion games. Jenny, Zoe, and Vivian did a wonderful job in breaking down the fundamental skills and movement, which allowed us to work on the basic skills necessary to play invasion games, such as running, dodging, and working on strategizing as a team. We gradually added one skill on top of the other and were given enough time to really improve our skills. They did a great job keeping in mind the concept of physical literacy and how these basic skills are necessary to develop the ability to understand, apply, and analyze other forms of movement, and demonstrate these movements confidently and competently across other health-related physical activities.

I was in Jenny’s group for discussion, and she did a great job summarizing the concept of Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU). It’s important to expose students to different ways of utilizing basic fundamental skills within various multi activities, to give them the opportunity to succeed in their own way.

Great job, ladies!

2 thoughts on “Week 5 Movement Journal”

  1. Elissa, I agree with everything you said. I too enjoyed how the group this week structured their lesson. By first working on a passing drill, followed by multiple breakdowns of an invasion game, it all flowed and worked off of one another. The girls were well prepared and had a good understanding of all the materials they were teaching. By breaking the invasion game down in the beginning allowed for all students to be involved and be successful in completing the drills. As the game became more challenging, the students required more skills which could become better with more practice. Also, as the games become more difficult, there was more of a focus on team decisions and communication. The group presented the ways in which students could use their fundamental skills for many different activities. The group demonstrated that this game we played in class could represent many well-known games such as soccer and basketball. But instead of just playing soccer or basketball, we talked about TGFU. I was in Vivian’s group for the small discussion and she was very well prepared and was able to summarize the readings in an exciting way. These girls had an amazing group teach this week, setting the bar higher for the rest of the groups.
    Well done.

  2. This week was so much fun! Jenny, Vivan, and Zoe did an amazing job team teaching invasion games. The structure of the lesson was well organized and the instructors were all cohesive. The warm up that was done by Vivan was awesome! I enjoyed dancing and thought it was a great way to incorporate something that she enjoyed doing to her warm up. During the summary portion of the lesson, Jenny did a great job with breaking down the chapter while engaging our group in a discussion.

    Teaching games for understanding (TGfU) was exemplified throughout this class and was especially demonstrated throughout the space invader game. We looked at the different TGfU concepts that we were exposed to in PE when we were younger. Our group decided that rather than focusing on one basic concept of TGfU, it may be more beneficial for students to be exposed to a combination. Overall, it is important for students to be exposed to the different ways to teach games for understanding as it provides them with the ability to learn skills and thrive individually.

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