Oct 7 Movement Journal- Kate

This was felt like an  important week as we got to consider what kind of focus we might want to use in teaching P.E. I thought the idea of teaching social and emotional literacy through P.E. was interesting. It reminds me a little of all the team building activities we used to do with children at the summer camp where I worked. I was always surprised at how well those activities worked. Even an activity as simple as having the group balance on a bench, and work together to trade places with each other without falling off, always seem to bring out a group’s best cooperative  spirit.

While I was on my practicum last week, my SA told me that so far this year, she has only done cooperative, team building exercises with her group. Since it’s an IB school, its especially important that the students can work together, because they spend so much of their day in group working. I think that so often we think of PE in terms of sports, individual athletes and competion. It’s easy to forget that it can be a great space for teaching a group how to cooperate and succeed together.

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