Outdoor Education – Jenny Cho’s Reflection

Well done Brianna, Jackie, Katy and Lexi! It was a nice change of environment to be outside. I really enjoyed the instant activity. It reminded me of the amazing race. Our cohort is energetic so it was nice to have the chance to run around outside!

This week we are learning about Outdoor Education and how we should incorporate our environment and setting in our lesson plan. I have always thought outdoor education was like going on a tour or  a field trip. But that isn’t the case. We can take indoor activity and played them outside. This is great in many ways. Most students enjoy being placed in a different setting, we love being in the sun when it is sunny and most importantly, it gives students ideas how to play outside while teaching physical literacy. For example, passing a balloon teaches a lot. We had to work as a team, we had to think of a strategy and also, manage our strength so we won’t pop the balloon. It was a lot of fun.

I liked the discussion question Lexi proposed to our group in regards to the characteristic of our own PE teacher. I had a really great connection with my PE teachers and they are my role model. I would not be where I am right now without them. I can only hope I can do the same to my future students.

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  1. Great post, Jenny! I agree with you on so many of the points you brought up. I enjoyed the outdoor education PE class today as it demonstrated many new dimensions that can be added to PE from the outdoors.
    I also was wondering about outdoor education being more of like a field trip kind of activity, but the stations and tasks we did definitely involved physical literacy and movements that got our blood pumping and our minds racing!
    The activities on Friday really showed me how your community can be used to cater to your own lesson, and that there is also much to be learned from it. I can only imagine the amount of planning and strategies put into this lesson plan, which was taught/led beautifully! In this way, I believe that instructors are also able to get to know their students on a different level – one that is outside of the classroom and more interactive.

    Great work to Katy, Lexi, Brianna, and Jackie!

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