October 30th: Dance & Gymnastics!

Today’s lessons were both tonnes of fun and very inspirational in terms of future practice.

I wished we could have danced for a lot more time; it was so enjoyable.  We learned some group moves but had just the right amount of free expression too.   On the whole, the integration of different movements flowed very well.  I’d love to teach this lesson myself!

Gymnastics was challenging and supportive.  One thing I appreciated was the whole educational focus: learning and acquisition of skill concepts, suitable for larger classes like the ones we’ll be teaching.  All of the stations were enjoyable, and there was enough support to help us challenge ourselves.

One thought on “October 30th: Dance & Gymnastics!”

  1. I agree Mary! I had a great time doing dance. I was really hesitate for the dance lesson but the way they taught it, it was awesome! I love how there isn’t a “right or wrong” way but it was about freedom of expression. I also love how they used a song that we all enjoy. I can’t wait to teach dancing the way they did. Good job group!

    Gymnastic was fun! The four station works really well. I wish we actually had more time with gymnastic as I don’t remember doing it when I was younger. I love the idea of using what we have like the bleachers and turn it into a mini gymnastic station! In our discussion group, we also talked about going to the playground. We just have to remember, anything can be physical literacy.

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