Week 7 Group B post – (I felt like I needed to reflect this week instead of reply to someone because gymnastics is an area I am really uncomfortable with)

This week I was very nervous to come to class and participate in gymnastics. I am not that flexible and cannot do cartwheels. When I think about gymnastics, I am thinking about swinging on ropes and jumping up high, spinning, and twirling. When I was in grade 1 and 2 we went on field trips to do gymnastics and I loved it, but somewhere in between I lost my abilities to participate in gymnastics. This happened because none of my teachers incorporated gymnastics into our physical educational experience. It is unfortunate this happened because now it is so hard for me to love and enjoy gymnastics. Nonetheless, I am so glad we had a class based on gymnastics because a lot of my fears disappeared.

I never thought log rolls, shoulder rolls, modified cartwheels, etc. was apart of the gymnastic experience. Throughout this lesson, I found myself smiling, laughing, and really having a great time! The worksheet we received outlines the differences between professional gymnastics and educational gymnastics. I think I have only viewed gymnastics in the professional way, whereas educational gymnastics meets the needs of all students. I also appreciated how some activities were “challenge by choice” because this did not pressure me into doing a movement that made me feel uncomfortable. Now I have a new perspective of how I will introduce gymnastics to the classroom to a variety range level of skill levels the students may possess.

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This image displays my positive emotions: happiness, joy, and adventure seeking.

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