Gymnastics and Dance Movement Journal by Emily Mills

I thought that both groups did an excellent job with their presentations! There are some very talented students in our cohort and feel like all the presentations keep getting stronger and stronger. With the gymnastics group, I loved how they incorporated Halloween so much into their presentation. It was really cool how each team was named after a different halloween creature (eg ghosts, zombies). I also loved the halloween tag where each group that had to act like the creature their team was named after. I thought that was a very creative and neat way to shake things up. I also greatly enjoyed the stations and think they’re an excellent idea to use when there are multiple teachers in the room even though they may be much more difficult to run individually. I found that each station focused on a very specific skill (eg balancing, rolling) that was relevant to gymnastics and that was great to see.
With the dance group, I loved how gradually different skills were introduced. I found the popcorn dance to be very liberating and fun. I was a bit nervous about the dance off but I really liked working together as a team and thought it was great that there were no winners and losers in any of the games that were introduced. I’m not sure which group did the egg, chicken dinosaur game as a warmup but I thought that was a very fun and inclusive game as well that I think I will very likely end up using in my longterm practicum. I also really enjoyed the confidence of the teachers in the dance group. It seemed like all the teachers and students were having a lot of fun that day.

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  1. Hi Emily,

    I agree, I thought that both of the group’s did a wonderful job, and each group does seem to keep on getting better! The groups were able to make the environment safe and supportive, as well as a lot of fun for students.
    I think it’s great when teachers are able to incorporate fun themes, such as Halloween, into their lessons. Students are going to be excited about events like Halloween, so incorporating it into a lesson, such as a PE class, is an excellent way to have some fun with it in an environment where energy is especially encouraged.
    I agree, the many different stations were a wonderful way to practice all of the fundamental skills in gymnastics. Even though it would be difficult to facilitate this activity with only one teacher present, however, I think it could be modified to make it the activities safer to ensure no one gets hurt, and the teacher could be situated in the middle to ensure all students are visible at all times.
    The dance group did a really excellent job at making the dance lesson extremely fun and provided a safe environment. I also think that their enthusiasm is a key trait when teaching something so high energy as dance!

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