Gymnastics & Dance Groups Post

The last two groups did really well with their lessons!  The gymnastics group did really a great job of scaffolding our skills and giving us the introductory lesson to the world of gymnasts! They did a superb job of showing us how each station worked and what they specifically wanted us to work on at each station. They were very clear with what parts of the body we should be focusing on at each station. The various sets of skills were not overly hard nor were there too many; therefore allowing us students to focus on building up one or two skills, and building them up really well. I particularly enjoyed the “balance beam” station. While I would be pretty frightened of going on a real balance beam they created the environment for it! I felt if I were in an actual gymnastics class and started with practice on benches, I would have the confidence to move up to the real thing! I want to commend the group for creating that safe space!

The dance group was also fantastic! They really got us moving! I was so exhausted at the end of their lesson! I liked that their focus was on expression and movement rather than getting perfect steps. And while we worked on timing and counting in beats, it was still fun and focused on the movement aspect! Being one to let loose and be silly, I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to be free and have fun! They taught a few dance moves which were used throughout the whole class; this was very effective teaching tool! We were taught only a few moves but were free to add our own flavour. As well, they used the dance moves in different ways, in the group dancing with Cheryl, the game and the dance-off. I thought the friendly dance-off was a nice touch and definitely something tailored to our class. I think our class is comfortable enough to have fun with something like a dance-off and I thought it was a great addition to their lesson.

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