Week 7 Post

Technology and dance was the topic of today’s presentation. I thought it interesting that we would be talking about technology during a physical education class but now that I think about, technology is very crucial and all areas of teaching. Just from visiting schools in our practicum we can see how technology such as projector screens, computers, smartboards, and ipads have been incorporated into the school systems to enhance learning. Although technology has greatly enhanced learning in the classroom for some students, we must caution how we use technology as it could create distraction or even hinder the learning process of some students.

Dance is a great way for students to learn to express themselves in a different way. I believe technology plays a pivotal role in dance because it provides a lot of the supporting elements that are just very difficult to perform without. Dance is much easier to learn when there is music to dance to. Videos and resources (such as go noodle) are a great way for students to begin to explore different movements without worrying about getting steps right or other people watching them because everyone is moving to their rhythm. That being said, technology is not the only component required for a dance lesson to succeed. It requires a very positive and energetic mentality and the belief that how one moves is their own and that nobody can tell them that it is wrong.

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